Shipping is from Queensland, Australia and rates are calculated at checkout. Rates are based on the weight of the package we send: At the lowest weights we charge exactly what it costs us to send, but we apply increasing discounts (we eat more of the cost ourselves) as the weight of the package increases. If the shipping cost for your region seems excessively high, send us an email and we'll make sure that the rates for your region are as competitive as possible. 

We send our patches through regular standard letter post in envelopes. This means there is no tracking available on patches, unless you opt for a tracked package.

Our shirts and rashguards are shipped in recyclable polyparcel bags. The shirts are packed in tissue paper, and rashguards in plastic as they were originally shipped from the manufacturer.

Please note the shipping estimates during checkout, and if you’re worried that your order hasn’t arrived, send us an email at: wyrdapparel@gmail.com  


Send any enquiries to wyrdapparel@gmail.com.